About Wellbeing Maternity Solutions

EuroKing Maternity Information System (MIS)

EuroKing provides a comprehensive and intuitive platform for healthcare professionals involved in the delivery of maternity services. It enables users to easily access medical records and obtain information relating to patients during pregnancy. Our maternity platform can also be integrated with other sources of patient information, allowing organisations to build complete electronic health records that enable more effective patient care.

Community Offline

Community is our mobile maternity system. Built using complementary technology to our EuroKing system and with over 30 years expertise in MIS, it provides users with the ability to provide effective care for women in the community.

With a user interface designed for simple and fast effective data entry, the clinician can spend more dedicated time providing the best care for the woman on a one to one basis by using the community offline system to access essential information based on her maternity record.

Intrapartum (IPM)

Wellbeing Software’s Intrapartum module delivers safer care for women by providing real-time electronic monitoring of observations during labour.

The responsive web-based module is highly configurable and runs on existing desktops and mobile devices with an easy to use interface, ensuring information can be accessed and reviewed in any location at any time.

It supports clinical decision-making by displaying an overview of admissions and ensuring high-risk cases are prioritised, providing immediate feedback if action needs to be taken. It also gives Trusts an entirely digital maternity record, reducing litigation risks and improving data quality; all in line with the NHS’ mission to go paperless by 2023.

Personal Health Record (PHR)

Personal Health Record is based on the latest web technology, providing patients and clinicians with access to maternity records online.

The solution enhances the level of clinical support available to women by:

— Enabling a woman to access her full maternity record without the need to carry paper.

— Providing clinician access to essential data to support decision making for the provision of effective care.

— Providing access to data across the local maternity system.

EuroKing Connect

Euroking Connect provides clinicians and care providers with one single platform for accessing maternity information from a variety of otherwise separate sources.

By creating an integrated view of all records related to a mother and baby, EuroKing Connect helps digitise information, enhance clinical workflows and improve care received during pregnancy and after birth.