How to use EuroKing maternity applications.
Stats Builder
System Administration

How to use Help

Search and view Help topics.

Toggle Help topics

  • Select a button to see topics for that application.

  • Off On
  • Use the toggle to switch to System Administration topics.

  • Off On

View Help topics

  • View images by clicking to open and close thumbnails like this:

  • Click a topic title to open and close that topic.
  • Click Expand or Collapse to open or close all topics on the page.

Search for a topic

  • Click Search
  • Click a button above to choose a subject.

  • Find topics via the menu at the side of the page.
  • Use Previous and Next to move through visited pages.

Open the Help window

When you click Help in a Wellbeing application, Help opens in a new window.

For some applications, the closest matching topic will be displayed based on the screen you currently have open.

Print Help

  • Click Print to print the current screen. Remember to Expand all first.

  • Click Documentation to access crib sheets and training documents.